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Energy care

Vincent Camagna's practice

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe think in terms of energy frequency and vibration.”
Nikola Tesla.


“Everything is energy align yourself with the frequency of the reality you want and that reality will manifest itself it can’t be any other way it’s not philosophy it’s physics.”
Albert einstein


With this in mind, let’s visualize the physical and energetic bodies for a moment, like a musician and his instrument.

The physical body is the musician and the energetic body is his instrument, a piano in our case.

Let’s also remember that the vibratory energy of music we like heals our cells, and conversely that music we don’t like weakens them.

And finally, let’s imagine that after years of intensive practice and success, the musician starts to play out of tune. Wouldn’t it then be a good idea to tune the piano!

It’s exactly the same for our physical and energetic bodies.

If the energy body is out of tune, then the physical body malfunctions.

Leaving room for both physical and psychological illness.

Nature being extremely well-made, and starting from the principle that the laws of physics define a vibration by the speed of rotation of the electron around its atom, we have the possibility of measuring a…. Health frequency…optimum for each person, organ and cell.

So when an imbalance appears, through the different care techniques that we practice and that I have developed over the years.With over 20 years of experience in Europe, Canada and the United States in the fields of healing magnetism, radiesthesia, bioresonance and polarity healing, we can treat and relieve by readjusting the body’s natural equilibrium, so that it can maintain or regain optimal functioning, and thus return the whole individual to his or her natural equilibrium.

Treatment “Emotion Energetics

Radiesthesia, Magnetism – 1h – CHF 150.00

The purpose of the first appointment is to get to know you and determine your needs through a variety of approaches:

– Healing Magnetism: A natural healing technique that soothes, relieves and cures a wide range of physical, mental and emotional disorders.

Radiesthesia and Medical Radiesthesia: A measurement of the vibratory frequencies that surround us. They are based on the principle of the vibratory resonance of people, animals, objects and the entire universe.

Polarity Care: An energetic and holistic approach that touches the individual in all dimensions of his or her being: physical, mental and spiritual. The main aim is to rebalance and circulate the body’s vital energy according to the laws of polarity.

Bioresonance : A concept used in non-conventional medicine, particularly quantum medicine.
It can be used to carry out health checks, identify electromagnetic and vibratory anomalies within organs, trace them back to their source, neutralize them and rectify imbalances.

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When skin health meets longevity 

When skin health meets longevity 

When skin health meets longevity 

When skin health meets longevity 

When skin health meets longevity 

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